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Brut Honey Cider

Brut Honey Cider, brings together New England's apples and honey with the elegance of champagne-style crafting. Handcrafted in the Merrimack Valley, this small-batch cider is a testament to quality and tradition.

Made exclusively from locally sourced New England apples, Brut Honey Cider offers a crisp and refreshing taste with its delicate bubbles and dry finish. It's perfect for celebrating life's special moments or simply savoring the everyday.

Whether enjoyed on its own, in a cocktail or paired with your favorite foods, Brut Honey Cider is sure to delight cider enthusiasts and champagne lovers alike.


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Get ready for an extraordinary journey through a myriad of cider varieties, each crafted with passion and innovation to tantalize your taste buds. From crisp and refreshing classics to bold and adventurous blends, we're hard at work brewing up a storm of flavor sensations that will leave you craving more.

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